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        How we're responding to COVID-19 | Travel Coverage Update | FAQs
        FYI - Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't impact your current coverage or the ability to get coverage.

        เครดิตฟรี เว็บบอล

        Individuals and Families

        Flexible, affordable coverage for all your health needs.

        Businesses of all Sizes

        Group benefit plans that take care of your employees.

        We put wellness first.

        We’re a preferred non-profit provider of health and travel insurance, covering a vast range of costs government and other private benefit plans don’t. Group Medical Services (GMS) was born in Saskatchewan in 1949 from the dream of a group of determined friends and neighbours, and we’ve been extending our trademark combination of service, choice and value across Canada since 2003.

        Since our very beginning as an insurance cooperative founded by doctors and members of the community, caring about the common good has been in our DNA. Learn more about what we do:

        Are you a broker interested in selling GMS products?

        Our plans are easy for clients to understand, and easy for you to sell.

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